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There is no other Christmas icon like the beloved Christmas tree. With its festive decorations, glittering lights, sparkling tinsel, and fresh aroma, this gorgeous decoration can really make (or break) your holiday.

Christmas Tree Decorating - Ideas for ornaments, decorating, crafts, artificial trees, christmas tree pictures, themes and moreYour Christmas is what brings character to your Christmas celebrations and decorations. Right from choosing what you need - a real live tree or an artificial one, to buying the tree and then storing or caring for it, decorating it for Christmas and then disposing it off, we have loads of ideas, tips and information that you will need. You will also find ideas to make your own Christmas tree decorations.

And the Christmas tree is more than just a decoration for Christmas. It has gone ahead to symbolize the holiday. Christmas tree motifs are used in many Christmas items and we couldn't really put together a website dedicated to Christmas trees without including ideas for projects made using the Christmas tree motif. From Christmas tree crafts, cards, songs to clipart, we have those covered for you as well.

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